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The “Santa Venere” Organic farm, extends for 150 hectares, on the hills of an ancient little Calabrian village called Cirò, in the province of Crotone, particularly known for its history and culture. It’s an area considered extremely valuable for wine and olive growing. The Scala family have been the land owners since the 1600′s. They have always devoted themselves to the cultivation of Vines, and Olives, but until recently nothing of the current farming complex existed. Initially there was only the Scala family home, attached to an ancient oil mill with a heavy stone grinding wheel, ( still kept carefully conserved) , which was worked by cattle, to crush the Olives. The vineyards, at that time, produced only grapes which were then directly retailed. From 1960, Federico Scala (grandson of Falcone Lucifero, minister of Real Casa) took charge of all these activities. He built a farming complex, detached from the family home, which he called “Santa Venere” after the name of the stream that passes through the property. Initially Federico, was the only family member involved in the business, until his son Giuseppe Scala, after attending University, decided to get actively involved. It was this new impulse, that led to the beginning of wine production. At this point, some important and fundamental decisions were taken to bring new life to the company; Deciding to go “Organic” ( which we are still proud of); choosing the right man as Winemaker, Riccardo Cotarella; choosing autochthonous products, highlighting the region;and deciding to use modern branding, to create an image for all the products. Year after year, we adopted new machinery and ever more sophisticated methods. With the expansion of the company, everybody was given the responsibility of a sector. From then onwards, everything is carried out taking the upmost care and attention, from the nurturing of the vines, harvesting, and every phase of the vinification process, transforming grapes into excellent wine. New autochthonous blends are introduced periodically, and the most recent has become a rare jewel in the crown for the company. From a SP1 classic method, produced from Gaglioppo grapes grown organically, we introduced the new Sparkling Rosé. This product was the idea, desire, and creation of Giuseppe Scala, together with his cousin Domenico De Sole ( ex CEO of Gucci, and current owner of the “Tom Ford” mark) from his vineyards within the Scala vineyards. In 2012, Federico Scala died, leaving the reigns of the family business in the hands of Giuseppe Scala, who continues with the same passion and dedication, passed on by his father. Giuseppe continues to strengthen the big objective: To make the autochthonous products of Calabria, known and appreciated throughout the world. In the near future, Giuseppe will be joined by his younger brother Francesco Scala, currently a student, and further into the future, the mission of the company will be continued by the Grand children of Federico always under the Scala name.