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The methods used by the company are rigorously natural. In other words, no synthetic chemicals are used, only natural substances. By benefiting from the lands natural resources, respecting both the characteristics, and the biodiversity, we are able to obtain products of the highest quality. The AIAB Certification symbol on every bottle we produce, is confirmation of our continued effort and ability to maintain the organic production standards, in which our company strongly believes. Our vineyards are spread across 25 hectors, in the heart of Cirò, 500 meters from the Ionian sea, and particularly exposed to the sun and wind. The vines are cultivated using the method ” Cordone speronato” and positioned in the following areas: Volta Grande, Vurgadà, Piana di Coletta, Sant’Angelo, Speziale. They are planted with a spacial arrangement of about 5500 vines per hectar. The average age is 6 years for the new vines, and 40 years for the older vines.